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Monday, January 29, 2007

Match Set

This seems a like a little bit too much crochet, even by New York City standards, which is more than likely where this picture was taken. I think I could understand the breezy handcrafted attire if it was Los Angeles or somewhere else South of the Border. But this is the northern half of the continent. It gets cold there. Even when the sun is shining, it's chilly unless it was one of those weird warm days that the Big Apple has been boasting about in recent months. More than 2 hours of that would make me break out sandals, toss the long johns in the laundry, and sit on a bench near a beach soaking up the rays. Forget L.A. tan, toss me some rays from the real star!
Despite the yarn overload (which no doubt The Crochet Dude could appreciate), I'd wear the floppy hat and the matching skirt. I adore fuschia (I just finished knitting a skirt in that color). However, I know I would fret over the proper slip to wear under this ensemble. Black? Yellow? Grass green? I have no idea. But I'd probably have to sew one because where in the Macy's world or even The Gap would you find one of these things? Now, I'd skip the dog sweater because I don't own a canine at the moment, but if I did I'm certain that the necklace-like leash that the model is holding wouldn't hold for a NYC minute if her pet pooch saw a fire hydrant he or she liked...What do you think?


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