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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


My favorite topper is the one in the upper left corner with the pom-poms. I'm not even wondering about how to make this hat. Just those decorative balls of fluffed yarn. Wind the aforementioned fiber around a piece of cardboard. Just when you think you have enough yarn, wind a little more. A few more rounds. Perfect! Tie it nice and tight in the middle with leftover yarn. Snip and one, then the other. Presto. You've got a pom-pom. There are all sorts of gadgets from Clover and Lion Brand, but honestly, the best results come the old-fashioned way. They're just fluffier. Kind of like buckwheat pancakes made from scratch vs. the box. Anyhow, I'd used a multi-hue fiber for my pom-poms. Then perhaps a navy silk shantung on the chapeau itself. What do you think? What materials would you use to make this pattern?


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