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Monday, January 22, 2007

Beret Not

This hand-knitted top looks like something out of MGM's wardrobe department parked behind the costumes for the Wizard of Oz's flying monkeys, Katharine Hepburn's gowns from The Philadelphia Story and Clark Gable's Gone With the Wind suits. Doesn't it resemble a blouse Ginger Rogers or Claudette Colbert would have worn with a super-tight skirt and a tiny brown beret? My only fear in wearing this two-tone brown and yellow sweater is that it would attract bees. They'd go, "Wow! Those are our school colors! She's one of our kind." Then you'd see me on the ground surrounded by a group of insects best known producing honey. It would be an interesting way to exit this life. It's better than being attacked by an automobile, which happens every few seconds around the world. Or to be felled by a heart attack, another too common occurrence in our society. No, better to end my earthly existence fashionably attired with more than a few pricks in my body from the same critters who give me the golden liquid to sweeten my tea everyday.


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