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Monday, January 15, 2007

Robin Hood's

This World War II era suede/knit top seems very formidable, almost inpenetrable, particularly with those massive square Bakelite buttons. I'm also thinking this MUST predate bullet-proof Kevlar vests. Maybe it's a prototype - the bee colors prohibited it from going into mass production. It's just missing some pockets for tear gas and other gizmos. Who knows? Maybe they're hidden inside. Anyhow, let's say you want to go for the 1940s 'look.' All you would need are a hat, skirt and shoes. I'd stay far away from a leather skirt though. That would be way too much, like you robbed a tannery. An A-line version in a muted herringbone fabric would be fine. An animal-skin hat would be ok. It wouldn't be overkill (pun not intended). A chocolate tyrolean-style chapeau with the brim tilted over one eye would be effective, not to mention that you'd get people telling you all day and night, "Oh, you look like the Andrews Sisters!" Skip matching gloves though, folk might start asking where's your bow and arrow. Now the only unanswered question in my mind is what kind of pumps do you wear with this ensemble? What do you suggest?


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