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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


It's rare that I like all the hats on a pattern, just like I rarely enjoy the entire song list on a record album. I also will skip purchasing a knitting or crochet magazine unless I want to make at least two or three items in the publication. But this vintage McCall's? I love each one! That's more rare than me staying up past 12:30 p.m. on a New Year's Eve! The first chapeau, just a veil, is perfect if you are dieting. You have to move the netting to get anything into your mouth, beverages included. If you really want that hummus and chips, you're going to have to lift the net each and every time. This is a fantastic way to go to bed hungry and wake up a few pounds lighter. And it's so cheap and easy to make! A yard of Russian veiling tied around your chignon with a piece of velvet ribbon and you're good to go. The gingham nightcap is cute too. I've never worn one, but it would secure a set of curlers if that's how you like to style your locks at night. And the matching handbag! Would you take this to bed too? This ensemble (including the empire-waist nightie) looks comfy, but only if you're sleeping alone in a twin bed. The topper in the lower left reminds me of those old lampshades, perhaps crafted by an arachnid hired to do some piecework by a milliner. Doesn't it have a cobweb look to it? The final hat resembles one of those 1970s hanging lamps, the kind you'd finding hanging over a pool table. Only this is black, not an opaque brown. I keep looking for a light pull, but there's none to be found on this model's head.


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