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Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Kind

I've a soft spot for leopard prints, but I just might have to make room in my heart for a certain exotic jaguar fur beret. It's just so unusual. Of course, a living critter lost its life back in the 1940s just so this hat could be made and sold at Marshall Field's in Chicago. But that was a different time. I'm glad I didn't live then even it was more glamorous. People didn't live as long - what's the use in having all those cute chapeau if you don't have time to wear them all? It's not like you can spend your time in the coffin showing them off. Anyhow, folks live into their 90s and beyond now - plenty of time to don different headgear. Wouldn't you know Jack LaLanne (I don't think he was much of a fedora guy, but he's definitely a muscle man) is still lifting weights and drinking icky homemade vegetable drinks at the ripe younge age of 92? He's my kind of guy.
Back to the hat, which is far more affordable than the kind of Jaguar you drive. Nary a monthly payment, parking sticker or ticket to worry about! No, the Jaguar for your head is a conversation piece in a way that a vehicle would never be. Besides, the one that goes on your noggin will never rust, get a dent or stall on you. Besides, you can invite friends over to your house and say with a devious wink and a smile, "Hey, want to see my new Jag?" Then show them to your closet. Ha.


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