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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Details, Details

Whether you call these hues black and red, negro and vino, noire and ruby, they're all the same to me. I adore this classy combination of colors. Unlike the yellow and black top I posted the other day, I have no hesitation to wear this two-two hat. I would not feel like a ladybug wearing this topper. Although I have say I wouldn't mind attracting those insects, they're a fortunate bunch even if they do itch upon landing on my skin. There's something utterly delightful about find them flying about my living room, perching on my ceiling fan or reading lamp. Unlike flies or moths, I just watch these small spotted beetles and wonder what wonderful things they will happen me today just because they're here. Of course, I'm always favored even when the ladybirds aren't around. But I am especially reminded of my blessings when the insects that are traditionally associated with the height of summer visit during the depths of winter. If I bought this hat, I would consider it my Extra Lucky chapeau, kind of like a super-strength Tide or Oxi Clean. It does the job but even better than usual. Likewise this hat would attract a little extra special treatment - a complimentary glass of Diet Coke at lunch, a door opened at the office, a request for no more rain honored (yes, even God enjoys hats). Don't you agree?


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