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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Change It

Sometimes there is nothing so beautiful as a simple hat. No adornments, embellishments or embroidery or even lint. Just a beautiful shapely thing to rest one's eyes upon, just like the tony topper on Dita Von Teese's head (see above). I do like how dear Dita kept her look plain. No baubles in sight! I don't know how she kept her hands out of her jewelry box. She doesn't even have a pair of earrings on. Lordy, I feel naked if I walked outside without my requisite hoops. Apparently Dita is far more confident than I in her Christian Dior suit. This woman doesn't look like she owns a pair of jeans, Jack Purcells or Juicy Couture separates, which I would think would be very hard to do since Dita did model vintage garb on eBay before she made a full-time career in the world of burlesque. If I had been hawking 1930s dresses, most of them wouldn't even had made it to auction. No, they would have marched straight into my closet, where they would have kept company with my pumps, sandals, and wedgies.
Back to the 1940s-era ornaments, also pictured above. I think either would look fine on Dita's outfit. If they're suitably small they could be even clipped onto the hat. That's what I love about plain chapeaux, you can either dress them up or down depending on how you feel, the weather, the vitamins you've taken today or even the event of the day. I have a little NFL pin that you could attach come Superbowl Sunday. What do you think?


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