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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Crafty Spider

Yes, if you're an arachnid, especially of the variety that thrives high in the windows of the John Hancock, the Empire State, the Chrysler buildings, heck even the Sears Tower, I want to talk to you. I would like you to make this dress for me NOW. I know you're quite busy making dinner (though what exactly do you feast on during the winter? Flies and bees are off for the season.) But if you could take time out of your busy workday I would appreciate it. I'm willing to pay you in pesos, insects, dollars, or whatever currency you prefer. I will even provide you with the materials for this frock. I'm thinking a nice ribbon-type yarn will do. How many spools? I don't know. Don't make me list a desperate request on Craig's List for someone who can make hairpin lace. This type of lace-making comes to you naturally. You can do it in your sleep. Even when you're awake, you probably have daydreams about the different types of webs you can make. This is a challenge for you. I promise I'll take care of the crocheting part. You just make the 20+ strips, that's all I ask. Please, pretty please with turbinado sugar on top.


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