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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Like a

Even if March starts off with a flurry of storms, it'll still be in like a lamb at least in my mind, especially since that's the month that this knitted hat pattern will be published in “Lace Style: Traditional to Innovative, 21 Inspired Designs to Knit.” I truly won't have any problem whatsover conjuring up warm summery days working up this broad-brimmed hat designed by Annie Modesitt. Yes, I'll be fantasizing about all the darling outfits I can wear with this hat: the cute crocheted dress I'm going to make from Good Housekeeping Needlecraft circa. 1971; the eyelet frock from a Simplicity pattern and the t-shirt and Seven jeans (I'm not that thin yet that I can even slip those pricey jeans over my hips, but a girl can dream!) I just can't think about snow, slippery ice or salt stains even that's the reality when I'm making something meant to be worn in June, July and August. My little head doesn't work that way. Now, I'll need lots of help making this chapeau, especially with that wired brim. The last time I crafted something like this the brim got wonky. So now I'm scared, kind of like the kid who doesn't want to be near a stove after getting burned making macaroni and cheese. Should I be afraid? (By the way thanks to Jaime Guthals for sending me these images!)


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