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Sunday, December 17, 2006


This is still yet another hat from the oft-mentioned (as least as of late) Sculptural Headwear class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This hat is made of pheasant feathers gathered. The milliner (not the aforementioned Hugo) asked his father, who digs hunting, to save some plumes for him. Hence the 40s-style hat that he crafted for his final class project. I like this head covering because it makes me think of late-night martinis, smoke-filled bars and slow dances. While this chapeau is different, at least it's not frightful but rather delightful (hey it rhymes!). Heading into the last week before Christmas, I'm wondering if this is something Mrs. Claus would wear during her downtime (you know she's got a red-stocking cap on during store hours). I'm trying to picture this hard-working, cheery woman with a grey bun of hair with this feathery thing atop her head. I think she'd like it. It gets her mind off of toys, and stops parents who would ask about the latter in their tracks. I mean, the Mrs. has a life! What do you think of this particular topper?


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