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Sunday, December 03, 2006

One Head
For Sale

She's not going cheap - bidding at this very moment is at $112.50. It's hard to believe, but this vintage faux's name is Poison Ivy. It almost has a Bond Girl ring to it, but at least the writers for those movies did a play on words when they named their chicks. Poison Ivy would be Poisun Ivee or Poi Sun Ive, or some other clever moniker. If I won the eBay auction, I'd rename her. I don't want to be reminded of nasty rashes on my arm when I look at her for heaven's sake. I don't know what I'd call her, I'd have to meet her and get to know her. Or I could give her one appellation and change it later as actress Meg Ryan did with her adopted daughter.
I'd put her (not Meg Ryan's little one, I'm talking about the dress form head) on one of those free-standing shelfs with dentil edging from Pottery Barn, and change her hat every day. I've got a nice little collection of 30s and 40s hats that she'd look fabulous in, but I would not hesitate to dress her up in beautiful hats from the 21st century. I could see her in a nice summer cotton number from Eugenia Kim, even a knitted earflap hat. What do you think? By the way, I want to know what you'd name this repro mannequin if you were lucky enough to have her in your family? I've created a one-question survey on this important topic. I'll close it in a few days. Click here to take the poll. Thank you!


Blogger mamafitz said...

poison ivy is a villaness in batman. :)

10:37 AM  

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