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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Hugo

Here's another hat created by the aforementioned Hugo of School of the Art of Chicago fame. Instead of straw, he's got this fiery red felt which he has molded into this tiered, almost cake-like topper. If it had one more layer, I'd think I was looking at a wedding cake intended for Valentines' Day or a party to celebrate the opening of the next Spiderman flick. (Don't you think this chapeau has definite Spidey tendencies? I mean the colors! The beaded web pattern! MJ would love it. Hugo says he was actually thinking of Tim Burton when made this sculptural headpiece. I'm not sure I see the connection. But nevertheless.) In any event, this hat is not for the faint of heart. You can't get lost in a crowd with this on. No way. It's better than a GPS system any day. A bold personality like Diane Von Furstenburg or Betsey Johnson would adore this hat. On second thought, I don't DVF would wear this...she's got all that hair she loves to show off. What do you think?


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