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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hugo's Hats

Hugo. That's all I really know about him. He was also a student in Eia's Sculptural Headwear class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There was something delightful about looking at a straw hat intended for summer (or at least warmer climates) while I was clad head to toenail in wintergear. I even had the shaggy suede hat that I sewed perched on my head to keep me warm. Just for a moment I got to think about those humid, sunny days when something lightweight as Hugo's creation would feel wonderful. But I thought it was even more more interesting to see him wearing it. And he says he'll don it outside when the weather's right. This particular topper is a whimsical thing, and it looks like something Jim Carrey would have worn in the movie Mask. Hugo even seems to have the latter's Grinch-like, slightly maniacal grin. I was especially impressed with Hugo's hand-stitching. He did a masterful job folding over this fabric, and stitching it evenly. Very couture. I always had a tough time hand-sewing straw, even after spraying it repeatedly with water to make this textile pliable. And it was very scratchy - making it hard on the hands! What do you think of this man's chapeau? Is it something the male in your life would wear?


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