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Thursday, December 07, 2006

On Your

Note to dressform head: don't look so down. After all you've got a Christmas hat
on your crown which you means you'll have DOUBLE the fun at all those holiday parties around. You'll be offered twice as much egg nog, holiday dip, and cherry-red grog. You'll be feated and nothing you say or do will be deleted! Yes, yes, you'll be the belle of the faire. Young swains will eye you from afar, and angle for a chance to see you up close at the bar. Is Rose you want? No. Cabernet? Shiraz? Oh, is it Pinot Grigio what you desire along with a slice of pizza from Riggio's? Most certainly - anything you want is most certainly possible when you've got the world's delightful felt and poinsettia cap on your noggin. Si, Si, now go dance - waltz, rhumba, and lindy-hop your way across the dance floor, and make the crystal clear night go out not with a BANG but with a roar!


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