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Friday, December 01, 2006

Bond Girls
In Hats?

All the girls on the cover of this 1940s Simplicity pattern look possessed. I wish I could give you a close-up of their glassy, hyper-dilated eyes, but I cannot. It's unfortunate because these cover girls must be the predecessors for The Stepford Wives. See how the bereted woman with the white gloves is pulling something out of her massive bag? She's not even looking down to see what she's get in her hand. It could be a wallet, a baby bottle or a squirt gun. You just don't know what to expect in this day and age! I know this picture was drawn during the World War II era, so you have no idea what the illustrator was thinking when he (or she) sketched out the pictures for this pattern. Or what about the girl in the nurse-style cap pulling the strings on her handbag taut? She's got a determined look on her face. Again, not even remotely engaged in what her begloved digits are doing. Is she thinking of her guy overseas, the infant squawling at home or the pile of laundry awaiting her at home? We'll never know. What do you think of this pattern? Would you wear a beret?


Blogger said...

I would wear a beret... not sure though about that one, makes her look like a killer postman(woman) from the highlands.
And I'm with you, definitely the World War II era, only the rationing of fabrics would explain that fabric... I wouldn't make a beret and handbag out of that fabric, would you?

5:32 PM  

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