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Monday, December 11, 2006

Like a Snowball
On Your

If you want your head to blend into the snowy scenery, this is the hat to wear. If someone snaps a photo of you, it will appear that you have no brain, just ears, nose, mouth and maybe eyes. People will look at the photo, puzzled. They'll wonder: "What tool did you use in Photoshop to achieve this brainless effect?"
And your photographer will have to tell them there were no special effects. No computer whiz at the helm. Even if there's no photog in sight, this is still quite the zany hat. Walking down the street, motorists will think you got gobsmacked by a giant snowball. Or that you're wearing a polar bear pelt or heaven forbid - Santa Claus' beard. No matter what people think, the bottomline is that this lambskin fur hat from Italy (the best winter chapeaux come from this lovely country, I've found) will keep you wonderfully warm. So that if you slip on the ice, your pretty head will have a cushion to break the fall. And if the temperature drops, your ears will not redden.
Do you have any hats like this in your warm wardrobe? What did folk say wear you wear 'em? I want to know!


Blogger Saints and Sinners said...

its great you have all these hats on here, I"m thinking alot about hats the last couple of months.

I want a vintage hat or 2 I can wear, keep my noggin warm but still look good..hard to find stuff that isn't a big ol knit thing or a tiny coctail hat..

I'm enjoying looking at all these, even if my own head is still bare.

12:12 AM  

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