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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I love how the guy in the fedora above looks like he's sunburned, perhaps when he wasn't wearing a hat? I thought the whole point of wearing something on your head was to protect your skin from those evil ultraviolet rays. That's how chapeaux have been promoted for centuries. And for those of you who are Gone with the Wind fans, you'll remember how Scarlett O'Hara was scolded for going outside without something covering her head. Why, she'd get freckles! A tan back in the 19th century was something scandalous. You didn't covet one otherwise folks would be talking about you, whispering untruths behind your back.
It's interesting how 100 years later, a bronzed look is still desirable even if it's sprayed on the local Mystic Tan salon. And hats? I'd say few wear them now to keep silly sunbeams at bay, although that could change with global warming. I think big, cotton or straw floppy hats ala Jessica Simpson's or Sienna Miller's will become a summer mainstay for all ages. You won't even want to venture onto a beach without one. Men included. And the pale look will once again become au courant. So that guy in the 40s ad above? He's a charming reminder of days past, don't you think?


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