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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Etsy seller PierogiPrincess describes this topper as a "NEO cowgirl hat," but to me this red, white and blue chapeau has Nancy Drew, girl detective written all over it (in invisible ink, of course). It just looks like something that the teen-aged busybody would wear speeding through downtown village centers and dusty farm roads in her 1930s-era roadster. Of course, she'd have to hold onto her hat careening around street corners, but I'd like she'd do well especially with her galpal George in the adjoining seat. George could hold onto her friend's precious headcovering for her. Of course, the hat would go flying the moment Nancy's vehicle would hit a pothole. Then this patriotic-themed masterpiece would snag onto a tree branch. Nancy and George would have to fork over some major cash to a nimble youngster to scamper up the tree to retrieve the hat. But it would be worth it. I think this hat would have more lives than a feline, although it might get a little faded spending so much time in the sun. Here's the part where I get stuck. What is Nancy wearing with this hat? A culotte dress? A strappy two-tone playsuit that was popular back in the Depression era? Is it also red, white and blue, or is that too Hollywood for our lady P.I.? You tell me.


Blogger Maureen said...

Mmm, I see Nancy wearing a relatively plain white cotton dress, the sort they called "sport", with that hat. Or perhaps red OR blue (not both!) with white trim.

5:31 PM  

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