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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Your Head!

I couldn't help but notice how perilously close that golf club is to the beret woman's head. I mean, does she not see it? Or at least sense that there's a dangerous metal thing behind her noggin? Something so threatening that even her brown beret with its oversized dead palm frond will not protect her from it? I've often thought that hats have magical powers, but I don't even think the felt in this chapeau will save this woman. It won't even soften the blow when she gets thwacked! by the girl in the beanie and short-sleeved ruby red jacket with white top stitching. Perhaps if this young chick would just put the golf club down perhaps these two can be friends. The younger one can learn something from the slightly older, and more stylishly bold older fashionista. It's like Meryl Streep teaching Lindsay Lohan a thing or two and vice versa. Or if you dial back a decade or two: Ginger Rogers giving Audrey Hepburn some dancing pointers. But back to this McCall pattern: you'd think that wearing hats would level the playing field between these two females. I mean how serious can you be about life if you're looking like a Brownie in your beanie and a war vet in a tight-fitting cap with that outrageous leaf embellishment that can be seen a mile away? I mean, come on, ladies! You two could at least start a millinery guild. When you see women wearing hats are they competitive or friendly? Tell me. I want to know. Dish those war stories!


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