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Thursday, February 08, 2007

In Silhouette

Maybe you have a shadow portrait of yourself as a child somewhere in your plastic Container Store boxes. I know I do. I think it's from my pageboy era when I didn't mind having bangs and I did anything my mother asked and pictures were probably like $5 a piece. Anyhow, I was walking down Central Street in Evanston when I saw a sign for silhouette artist Sally Newcomb in the window. I was intrigued. Instantly, I had this image of myself sitting for Sally wearing a 1930s-era tyrolean hat that I bought at Silver Moon when it was located on Halsted Street in Chicago (it's now on North Avenue in Bucktown). What a cool cut-out (not cut-up) that would be! Then I conjured another image of myself in a magificent full-skirted 1950s dress and vampy stiletto shoes, looking like a graphic element on a pink-and-black powder puff box or a doo-wop album. I even thought of donning a contemporary earflap hat. As it is, I can't make up my mind. It's worst than a half-hour in front of the menu of favorite-restaurant-of-the-moment, Tre Kronor: the deep-dish smoked salmon quiche, French toast, Swedish pancakes or just a cup of clam chowder? It's hard to decide. That's why I need your help (not with the food, the attire for my appointment with Ms. Newcomb). Pretty please with turbinado sugar on top take this poll! (By the way, the sheet music pictured above can be found here.)

What shall I wear for my shadow portrait (also known as a silhouette)?
a 1930s tyrolean hat
a 1950s dress
Depression-era platform shoes
contemporary earflap hat
none of the above
all of the above
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