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Friday, February 02, 2007

Cover Girl

Could the starbust on the side of Sienna Miller's cloche be a third eye? I think so. Whatever it is, the embellished hole is handy for sizing up paparazzi or looking for a cab on the sly. If she turned it around completely so the embellishment is opposite her nose, than Sienna could say she has an eye in the back of her head. In any event a hat like is perfect for those days when you don't feel like using Aveda's Pure Abundance Potion to pouf up your locks. Plop it on and go. As I studied this hat further, it occurred to me just how easy it would be recreate it. Find a felt hood at a millinery store online or do a fly-by into New York City and drop into Manny's. You wouldn't even have to block this baby. Just cut it into the proper shape. Whip out the BeDazzler and go crazy recreating Mrs. Sun and save yourself at least a million dollars! Besides, your chapeau will look much better and more original than the actress whose first name is either for a certain town in Italy or a yellowish-brown paint pigment.


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