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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


This cloche has a very Gatsby-esque look about it. I keep imagining a young Mia Farrow wearing this cloche, along with a dropped-waist chiffon dress and a pair of Mary Janes. I could also picture it with a delicate hair-pin lace blue and pink 1940s bed jacket, jeans and a pair of wedgies. As it is, this charming accessory is priced at $190. I'd have to think thrice before spending that on this hat even though it is lovely and it actually looks like it might fit, unlike many 1920s-era toppers that I find I swear were only worn by Tiny Tim's wife. What if I buy a reel of vintage horsehair trim? Couldn't I make a look-a-like chapeau on my sewing machine? Just drop the feed dogs, coil the trim, and straight-stitch away, right? Of course, you need a real hardy needle that won't break for this to work. Am I crazy for believing this is the hard part? Or is there an easier way to make a hat out of horsehair trim? Please tell me because I want to know. That way I can stock up on millinery knick-knacks on the next Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry and Textile Show and Sale (Gosh, that was a mouthful. Worst than a tongue twister!). Here's another view. Check out the bows in the back. Makes you look good coming and going!


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