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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who Looks
Better In
This Hat?

Madonna or Matt? It's a tough call. This navy fedora looks natty on Matt, but downright jaunty and daring on Madonna. She looks so stylish, and confident, considering all the flack she's gotten over adopting her child David. Madonna takes herself less seriously than she used to and it shows. It also takes a certain fortitude to let your roots show, even though that could be considered a fashion choice too. It'd be nice to see the Material Girl wear sharp chapeaux like this more often, but I'm not sure I see her wearing 'em while she's biking around London or even heading out to the pub with her hubby. It's just a little showy and attention-getting...which is perfectly fine when she's in front of the camera channeling Marlene Dietrich for Vanity Fair Magazine but not for real life, when she's trying to dodge the paparazzi. But for those of who don't make a living staring down a Leica, this hat is a great choice. Why not raid the men's department?


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