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Friday, January 05, 2007

Youngest Hat
Model Ever?

This girl has got to be the youngest hat model I've ever seen. At least on eBay. But she's got the look down pat - the smoldering look beneath the red veil, the slightly upturned lips, and hands on the hips. Lordy! Vogue Patterns needs to bookmark this auction because there might be a time when current millinery model Carol Alt is unavailable because she's stranded at an airport in Florence. They wouldn't even need to train this young lady. I especially like how she mixed pink and red - not too many women would even try that combination. Too trashy, too Valentine's Day, just altogether just trying too hard! But I don't think so. It works here. I'll betcha this youngster insisted on wearing the cable-knit sweater for her photo shoot. I mean, she stamped her feet, pouted, and her photographer/mother relented just to get this photo uploaded. But anyhow if you're interested in this hat (and there's already one bid), I'd get thee to eBay asap, or at least line up this auction in your Esnipe crosshairs soon. Right now, the bidding's at $15, but shipping's free! You too could wear this in time for Feb. 14, whether or not
there's a special someone in your life. Tell me what you think.


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