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Monday, January 08, 2007

Spangles On
Your Head

It's hard not to be moved to giggles, OK, laughter by this spangled head-covering. I mean it's perfect for keeping your head warm and motorists at bay, especially late at night, when their headlights on their Zipcars and I-GO cars will glint off the shiny circles. They'll be like, "What is that thing? I've never seen that at Anthropologie!" Of course, they will stop before the pedway to get a better look at what's topping you off. I think it's much better than those neon orange or green strips that bicyclists or joggers wear at night that basically scream out, "Hit me and you're dead!" This is a much more elegant way to get your message across. I think I even have some of these little aluminum thingies in my stash. They're called Ruffles in one case, Chips in another. Both are available from Trendsetter Yarns. Get this - they're imported from Italy! Chips are a shiny purple, the Ruffles (which make me think of the potato chips) are a pewtery pink. They're so fun, I know I really need to make something with them now. A quick hat or the veil above, which would come in handy should I ever decide to attend a Latin Mass sometime in the near future. What do you think?


Blogger Saints and Sinners said...

I actually LOVE it! is there a pattern for it somewhere I can get??

Yes, I want to blind drivers with my spangled head! LOL

12:34 AM  

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