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Friday, November 24, 2006

Cute Cap,
Lovely Locks

This photograph was snapped last week at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's annual craft sale. I'm not sure what this girl was hawking, because I was so dazzled by her outfit, particularly her hair and hat. I can't decide if she spent a lot of time with the curling iron and then plopped on her Urban Outfitters cap or she simply whipped out her Rebecca De Mornay Risky Business look on the fly. I mean those curls look too perfect. This cannot be bed hair, can it? I'm not sure if she would look as stylish if she left her locks straight. I'm from the School of Thought that you should fix your hair even if you're wearing your hat. I know, I know - a hat is for bad hair days. It is. But some chapeaux, particularly cocktail hats, look 110 percent better if you wash your hair, comb it and curl it or put it in a bun first. Then you clamp on the hat just so. You begin to look fashionable! Even cool and mysterious! And dare I say it - put together? Like you actually pondered for more than seven minutes about what you were going to wear. It's much more fun to take your time getting ready for a big event than to rush through it in Superwoman style. Don't you think half the fun in prepping for a party is in getting dressed?


Blogger James said...

Wonderful photo, my friend!

3:42 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

Hi- she's adorable in that hat with the long hear whisping about her face. I sell vintage hats and am a novice hat-maker., and I've noticed that some people just have hat faces, or hat personalities. They can come in off the street, plot any of my hats on their heads, and they all look super. Whereas I can fuss and fiddle around all day and just can't pull it off. But I love hats anyway. Maybe it's a skill to be cultivated and I just need to try harder. Whatever. Hurray for those that are not hat-shy!

3:32 PM  

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