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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hats for
the whole

With Thanksgiving a few glorious days aways, my thoughts turn to family. Siblings hugging, kissing and laughing. Cousins snuggling up to each other, watching TV. Parents holding hands and gazing into each other eyes.
Not! If there's a day that seems to stir dread and hope all at once, it's Thanksgiving. It's a lot more than potatoes mashed a certain way and with this particular gravy, I think it's the thought of spending hours with family members and friends we don't see that often.
Which is why I propose this pattern to solve your problems. If everyone wears a hat on the day we're supposed to give thanks, we'd all be forced to take life a little less seriously. I think I'd wear the duck hat for starters. I wonder if that would get my nieces and nephews thinking of the turkey that was slaughtered on our behalf. Oops. But the dinosaur hat could be a good alternative. Tarbosaurus is not on the menu, as far as I know. Neither is Troodon (now doesn't that sound like a name out of The Lord of Rings?). So I think my dino chapeau would be a safe bet. Now if I could get the rest of my relatives to wear hats on this day of thanks, I'd be all set. With those hats we'd morph into a bunch of huggy and hilarious Italians, instead of the dysfunctional Polish-Germans we are. What do you think? Can hats solve problems? Heal relationships? Get you a job? I'm going off on a tangent, here. Help!


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