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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Putting on
My Top Hat...

Doesn't this woman look natty? Just so sharp. Like she's off to a job interview. Or perhaps to a local dress shop, which she owns and she's only modeling for Le Petit Echo de la Mode because it was on her to-do list right there somewhere before crocheting a queen-sized bedroom blanket using a ultra-small hook and after baking a loaf of pain with freshly-ground flour. But whatever she's doing, she projects Authority from top of her navy crown down to whatever shoes she's wearing (I'm guessing red platform wedgies with rosy floral clip-ons). Now if I dressed like this today, someone might think I got lost on my way to an audition for an extra in a 1940s murder mystery or a back up dancer for a local production of Chicago. Truly though today I would wear this hat with a denim ensemble - a polkadotty red Built By Wendy blouse, a stretchy blue ruffle-front pencil skirt and my Martinez Valero cherry platform sandals. And some funky tights in a black mesh or a deep blue cable knit. People might still think I'm an actress hellbent on being in character before the big show. But who cares? Life is one big production. You got to live your life like you're on the big screen. Don't wait for someone else do it. Don't you agree? (By the way, if you're interested in buying this particular issue of Le Petit, click here.)


Blogger Shannon said...

Thank you for the description of how you would wear this hat. I love it that someone is trying to bring back the hat! Keep it up, Please!!!!

9:36 AM  

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