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Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Hat
In Montreal

It's been a looong while since I've been in Montreal. So long I've forgotten what it looks like. But if this where hats like this grow, then I want to go back there NOW. So beam me up, somebody ASAP. What I really like about this particular hat is how sculptural it is. Those feathers reaching heavenward? They make me think of a massive bonfire, the red flames curling above the hot yellow embers beneath. 'Tis a smoky fire, see the big black plumes in the background? The haze that surrounds the Kelly green grassy knoll? This is the hat I'd wear on New Year's Eve. I might even wear blue eye shadow just like the mannequin above. It would be a little difficult to get her slate blue eyes - mine are brown and I'm not about to shell out major cash for tinted contacts just to have matching eyes and shadow. What do you think of this hat? Do you know anything about its maker - Creations Rose St. Jacques 419 St. Catherine E. Montreal? If you need to know more, click here.


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