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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not Included

But you can get a 1940s turban and matching handbag for $158, a real steal considering that a hat alone could sell for that price. I like this two-piece (where are the two-tone gloves, by the way? You really need those to pull this look off) but I have a problem with it. Your forehead needs to be perfectly smooth because everyone will be staring at it you wear this hat. No craters, potholes, crevices of any sort and most certainly no blemishes or lines. Skin as smooth as baby's behind. Maybe then I'm just taking this hat too seriously, thinking that I need to look like Rita Hayworth in her 20s before I put this thing on. Unless I'm in a 1940s period movie, who cares? Even if I wore the hat and carried around the bag, you wouldn't catch me carrying a cigarette holder to recreate a head-to-multiple-toes look. Not even as prop. I don't smoke, so pretend? It would be funny to see what people would say if you wore this with a Juicy Couture hoodie and yoga pants. Or a t-shirt and a bubble skirt. I don't know. I'm not buying this, so why I am obsessing? Would you buy this hat and purse? How would you wear it? I forgot to mention that if I were going to do the retro look with this set, I'd make Vogue 2858
in a plush purple velvet and try to find matching platform wedgies.


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