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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On Your
Reference Shelf.

You know how when you want to make a hat there's no reference book in sight? Well, this tome could begin to solve your problems. So when you're tired of watching Entertainment Tonight or Bewitched reruns, you've got this. Even if you have no intention whatsoever of making something for your head, it's inspiration or maybe it's a bowl of laughs. I mean, the author's name is Wanda. How seriously can you take a book written by a woman with that name? All I can think of is the movie A Fish Called Wanda. I wonder too if there's a difference between millinery made at Home (as suggested by the title) and those hats made at School or in the Factory. It doesn't matter to me just as long as I glean some tips on how to make some cool hat trim. Or how to shape a hat so like it looks like it something Barbra Streisand would have worn in the 1960s or early 70s. That kind of thing. But you know what this book won't have? Modern sources of stuff. Like where to get hoods, wiring, Russian veiling etc. You can't even find that at Michael's, Jo-Ann or Hancock Fabrics. You need to Hunt on the Web for that. Or ask for assistance from people who've taken millinery classes. I have some knowledge of hat-making since I've taken at least one class on the topic and I've written about it for newspapers. So if you've got a question ask away. Right here!


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