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Sunday, November 12, 2006

You Crocheted That?

I don't think I've ever seen a 40s hat quite like this. No, I have to go through every drawer in my brain. There's no little torn piece of napkin that says "knitted World War II crocheted hat/1940s." Not even a Post-It note to that effect. Maybe there were lots of toppers like this back then but they were eaten by the Moths of the Universe, the same critters that munched on the delightful Art Deco sweater sets, and 1950s cashmere shawls? It's just a thought.
In any event, I am in utter and complete awe of the sophisication and innocence of this hat. It's knitted with the same fiber that was used for socks and mittens, but it's intended to be worn to a fancy-schmancy bar or church. But who knows? Perhaps there were a pair of matching socks or at least gloves. It's something the practical knitter would make! Even alone, this is the kind of hat that couture milliners adore: it's completely handmade. Not a machine stitch in sight! I also manages to surprise the observer. From the back it appears completely off-white, like a well-loved living-room-couch pillow. Really a yawner. But if you get in front, there's that astonishing pie slice of rainbow hues under the flap. It's like, "We don't live in a black-and-world world after all!" Just the most optimistic thing you could make with a poly-blend yarn, don't you think? The hat designer, Louisa Hayes Hand Made, did a fantastic job. What do you think of this hat? Fugly or something you would wear on a dare?


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