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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not Buckethead

It's difficult to say which of these Patricia Underwood hats I like. It's kind of like asking me to pick between Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates. I mean they're all good. I feel the same way about pizza. Even Domino's can taste delicious at times, even though I much prefer Giordano's any day. As far as these chapeau go, I have to say I like the hat in the lower right corner, just ditch the turban on it. I also like the royal blue hat, which really almost looks like a fancied-up baseball cap. Ditto its kissing grey cousin in the upper right corner. I think any of these toppers would be easy enough to create, even the one with the velvet. Got to have the right buckram for the brim though. It's all about the buckram. A couple of gals have already made the bucket-style topper: here's a review and an in-depth walk-through on how to make that brim. As much as I like both versions, I rather stitch up something for my head on a crochet hook. If I can't make it while I'm being jostled on a train or lurched to and fro on a bus, I almost rather not make it all.
What do you prefer - crafting while you're on the move or at home?


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