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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

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I don't own this hat, but I now I wish I did! I tried on this beautiful (silk?) cocktail hat by Laura Whitlock at what has to be one of the last Hat nights at Brasserie Jo in 2003. I have another hat, similiar in style, also by Laura. It's made of this beautiful hand-dyed fuschia chiffon. Like the hat pictured above, it also ties underneath your hair.
I truly enjoyed the Hat Nnights that were held monthly at this popular downtown French bistro. If you wore a chapeau on that night, you got a free chocolate dessert in the shape of a picture hat. I usually spent the evening trying on hats between sips of wine and nibbles on the restaurant's famous steak frites. Even if I didn't leave with a new topper by the end of the evening, I usually had a great time talking with other women who love wearing hats as much as I do.
I went back to Brasserie Jo recently for a Knitting Night. While I enjoy stitching with other ladies who enjoy the same, it lacks the glamorous vibe of Hat Night. It was funny because this new event was held in a room decorated with vintage pictures of women wearing hats in the 1950s. Wouldn't you know it, but in the entryway were photos of women from Hat Nights past! Next time I go to this eatery, I'll wear a hat. Let's see if I can still get a complimentary dessert.
Has wearing a hat ever gotten you free scoop of ice cream, cake or pie?

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Blogger Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

One of my life goals is to visit all the Millinery Studios of the Chicago Millinary Alliance. What a delicious group! I have already visited all the Milliners in New Orleans (they are magical, and you walk away feeling so totally feminine beautiful and powerfully womanly with the ability to flirt your way to anything you want.
Its been noted that restaurant managers like to seat hatted women in the window to draw customers. Our Houston Hat Net usually got served some complimentary item for wearing a hat.
The compliments, doors held open, beaming looks of pure enjoyment from men and pure envy from women is a delicious treat as well.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

Yes, indeed! Usually get a nice table when wearing a hat too.

At a millinery symposium in NYC in the 80s I heard someone from Accessories mag say they'd done a survey of women on the street. One of the questions they posed was, 'What would make you wear more hats?' The overwhelming answer was 'If more other women wore hats.'

So go wearing your hat. And bring another hat wearing friend. You'll be trendsetters. K Q:-)

5:22 AM  

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