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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An Easter Bonnet
With All
The Frills Upon It?

Doesn't this hat just scream, "Easter?" The chartreuse, fuschia and pale pink grosgrain ribbons just make me think of that holiday, which used to be a time when ladies would get dressed up in their finest garbs, even buy a new chapeau for that special Sunday. I still wear my prettiest clothes on that day, I don't always wear a brand-new hat, but I do don a chapeau! Several years ago I wore a lime green 40s culotte dress with a purple buckle and a puffy plush pink cocktail hat by milliner Laura Whitlock. Oh yes, I had to wear a coat that year because it was cold. My cream-color princess cut coat looked smashing, the appropriate silhouette for my 40s-themed topper and my vintage beige peep-toe sandals. I'm not sure what I'll do this year. I feel, aaah, lazy. Oh, I'm terrible. What would it take to make a cute hat one night? Just lock myself in my sewing room (though that would be hard because I can unlock the door myself), cut something out and stitch away. Better yet, reserve the classroom at Vogue Fabrics where I'll be away from the distractions of home (refrigerator, computer and phone) and I'll have the support of the sewing-machine sales people when a needle breaks or the iron burns a hole in the ironing board. It's high time I put my millinery skills to use, for the most important person in the world: myself. What's more likely though is that I'll crochet or knit something since I seem to be putting a lot of time into that hobby. Shall I start an Easter hat count-down? April 8 is the big day!

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