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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A free hat

It's true. A completely complimentary hat pattern can be found at, right here. Click on the second pdf download from the top for a 1930s hat made on the weave-it loom. And yes, you can create cute little squares like the ones above for your adorable chapeau. I've known about the weave-it looms for a long time thanks to my prolific eBay trolling habits which has educated me immensely on the popular pastimes of the Depression-era generation (Anyone want to learn more about little baskets made with three billion beaded safety pins? Or child-sized handmade quilts? Email me!), but I was beyond thrilled when I found eloomanation. It was like a whole new universe opened up. Considering I just bought a hairpin lace loom from Stitch Diva, making attire and headgear on the weave-it loom seems to be up my alley and down my Wisteria Lane. After all, how many people tell me, "It's so great that you have so many hobbies?" I'm certain I can learn how to use the weave-it loom in a nanosecond since I mastered weaving on a cardboard loom shortly after I emerged from my embryonic stage. I also wove oven mitts too - I think I might have a few singed examples around somewhere. I'm going to stay away from the weave-it for now unless I find a great, unused one at a flea market at a GREAT PRICE. Then you'll see me making squares on the bus using gimp, straw, dental floss, yarn, aquarium tubing, and other unusual materials just as eloomanation web site founder Jana Trent suggests.

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Blogger Ladygrande said...

I remember these....what fun they were.

11:43 AM  
Blogger the_sewist said...

they do look like fun!

7:37 PM  

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