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Friday, March 02, 2007

Remember That Purse
I Was Talking About?

Here it is, not in color, but in black and white. Stunning, right? It is, but it's all crocheted straw! Yes, straw otherwise known as raffia. Working up this extraordinarily difficult fiber on a crochet hook was so hard on my hand, I don't think I minded one bit when I accidentally tossed the whole project into a garbage on my way to catch a train. (It was in a gray grocery bag, so it was an easy mistake to make.) Speaking of plastic grocery bags, crocheting with straw feels exactly the same: you feel like you're pulling taffy! The worst part of it? The crocheted straw had a mind of its own: it would not lay flat! It refused just like a child saying no to broccoli! Spraying it with water (not the child, the straw) didn't help either.
No all was lost though. I tried the pattern again (I had too - I just fell in love with that popcorn-stitch trim) in a thin ribbon knit. It worked! It's actually nearly completed. I just need to make the purse handle and sew it on. I think I should line it too. But with what? Any ideas? If you've made this purse, I would love to hear about it and see a picture too!

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