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Monday, February 19, 2007

In Search

I visited Hancock Fabrics yesterday to buy Vogue hat patterns, since there were $3.88 apiece, a bargain since they regularly sell for $20+. So I went with a list of patterns I really wanted, hoping and praying that there would be some for making hats. But when I checked the store's huge filing cabinets, there were NO Vogue hat patterns to be found. Not one. They were just cleared out. This frequently happens when there's a sale on Vogue Patterns. The ones for sewing chapeaux are gone faster than an old-fashioned Concorde jet taking off from O'Hare Airport. As popular as these instructions are, where are the finished hats in real-life? No where. I have a sneaky suspicion that members of the Red Hat Society are snapping up these hot commodities so regular folk who want to stitch cute cocktail hats and fedoras in other colors cannot, and that would include me. I wanted to make the adorable brimmed number (made in up in fuschia in the second image from the top). I guess I will have to wait until there's another sale. Next time I'm going to wait at the store door and make a mad dash for you-know-where the moment the price drops. But all is not lost: I managed to walk out of Hancock's with Vogue 2907 (Alice + Olive pants), Vogue 8307 (designer knock-off jacket) Very Easy Vogue 8278 (dress), and New Look 6571 (quickie assymetrical knit skirt). Those purchases should keep me happy for a while, don't you think?
(By the way, I won't be posting much in the next few days, since I will busy blogging over here for the week. Rest assured I will be moderating comments here at the Sewist (I actually figured how to do that last week, and released to the world more than a few kind remarks that had been hibernating for several months. Sorry about that. Please do continue to leave notes. I promise to get to them faster now.)

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Blogger ShannonAnn said...

I just saw this very pattern listed on ebay.

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