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Monday, February 26, 2007

Signed and Delivered:
An Easy Newsboy Cap

It always strikes me a bit ironic that you see hats with old-fashioned names or even occupations. Like this newsboy cap. When was the last time you even saw a boy delivering the newspaper? It's a been a long while for me. My brothers delivered the Chicago Tribune out of the side of the family van more than a few years ago. I cannot recall the exact attire they wore, but they most certainly did not wear anything like this. Not even an extra-large tip at Christmas time would have dissuaded them or my mom yelling, "You're going to catch a cold without a hat!" Boys, and men for that matter, do not respond to such idle threats. That's not to say this cute cap isn't worth wearing. I'd wear it. What I really like about it it how easy it would be to make. Something you could make in an afternoon out of whatever skeins of yarn in you've got in your stash. I'd do it, but I think I need to purchase this issue of Crochet Today. And I better do soon before it dissappears from the newsstands.

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