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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Erma in Ermine
in Uganda?

I couldn't resist the alliterative loveliness of this ermine cocktail hat. While it does look like the mannequin is wearing a huge Dunkin Donuts frosted sugar pastry tied on with a black velvet ribbon, I still like it. I'd wear this, although quite honestly, I think it might bobble or even fall off if I were attempt to dance in it. The reason I bring that up is swinglindy is the highest bidder at the moment for this cute topper. I cannot see anyone swing-dancing in this chapeau. Perhaps doing a modest foxtrot or even balboa but nothing with or dips or that little white fur baby will end up on the floor, getting dirty! I think this hat is better for watching dancing. I'd wear this hat with a sumptous matching winter white wool suit and matching platform shoes. Just so I don't look like a snowy playground I'd throw in some dark accents: black fishnet shoes and jewelry and perhaps black and white platforms. Of course, what would be really be hoot would be to wear this demure ensemble to a nightclub, then in the middle of the evening, shake off the jacket to reveal a very funny black and white t-shirt and start kicking up a storm on the dance floor (minus fur baby). Right now I'm fancying a retro-themed "Just One More Row" knitting tee from White Lies Designs.

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