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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In the Hood

These are hoods, not hats. What's the dif, you might ask? Well, you use a hood to fashion a hat. You could wear one of these vintage straw things on your head as is, but you'd look like you're wearing a bucket, and you'd get jokes all day about being a Buckethead. At least you wouldn't get hoodwinked. (Pun intended). Why settle for jokes when you can have compliments just as easily? Here's the deal. You take one of these hoods from Judith M Millinery (I don't how they got that moniker. I'll have to have my Superhero assistant look into that and get back to you) and plop it onto a hatblock. Heat some water in a tea kettle like you're going to make some Chai. Get that kettle singing for its supper to the point where there's enough steam pouring out of the spout to power a locomotive. Carefully carry the tea pot over to your hatblock. Have the two shake hands, so to speak. We don't want any water or tears spilled at what should be a happy occasion! Point the kettle onto the hood for a few minutes until the straw is soft and pliable. Put the kettle down (a few sips of the Chai might be good at this point). While the straw is malleable, start moving and pinning it into the Chapeau of Your Dreams! If it's a fedora you desire, you know what to do! A cocktail hat? Mush it in that direction. If you don't like what you see? Pour on more steam and reshape.


Blogger Ladygrande said...

Now you've really got my attention! I love hats. And have taken millinery classes from Kate Brown Pernia (who was trained at FIT in NYC). I, too, order supplies from Judith (that is her name, by the way). She has a great inventory - and great sales.

The pictures of the tilt hats are wonderful!

I'll have a cuppa Chai, too.....


3:03 PM  

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