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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where are
the Projects?

Where are the projects you might thinking? The wood-spool card tables? The sock-monkey gowns? Or even the wonky crochet hat? I've yet to hammer together or glue together old spools into a table or stitch together socks into a wearable garment, but I do like crafts. Really, I do. I daydream about them constantly. On the bus, in front of the computer, at church (as you may have seen in this previous post)...just about anywhere at any given moment I'm imaging what I want to MAKE if I'm not already actively creating something with my hands at that very minute (that's why a portable hobby like crocheting or knitting is quite handy). That said, I don't want this blog to be all about my hobbies (yawn) or technique (oh, I'm getting sleepy already) because there are already enough weblogs about this or that craft. I wanted to do something different...more about the stories behind sewing, knitting or crocheting apparel, even if some of them are fictional. After all stories even thoughts are universal even if the project is very unique. Whether you've worked up a sweater from one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's vintage 1950s books or sewed one on a serger using the latest Kwik-Sew pattern, the feelings behind each journey to a whole garment are fairly common. Who hasn't dropped a stitch, or knitted the tail (me)? Who hasn't accidentally sewn a sleeve to hem (haven't done that yet but it would be possible at this hour)? If you've ever picked up a vintage Singer sewing machine for less than an iTunes song, haven't you wondered about who used it last? Ditto an old Hollywood sewing pattern with a name scribbled on it in pencil? I think about all this and more. How about you? When you daydream about making clothes what thoughts criss-cross your brain during the day?


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