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Saturday, October 28, 2006


I'm not sure which I like more, the mannequin or the cocktail hat (which seller flamboyant! calls a "Fab! 1930s-1940s Vintage Green Tilt Doll Hat.") Just think if you wore the Tilt hat on the Tilt-A-Whirl. That would be funny, although I would be very afraid I would lose my lunch, bearings and my hat on the tumultous ride. Of course, I would most be upset about losing the hat than anything else. I can always regain my composure and have another mid-day meal, but it's not easy to come by this kind of chapeau these days. For one thing, it's not the 1940s anymore. I just looked at my checkbook and it says it's the year 2006. I always, always trust what my credit union says, so it must be true. Besides, this hat has history and mystery. Flamboyant! says this topper has a Melbourne label. I don't anything about this milliner, but perhaps this hat is from Melbourne, Australia. It's possible. Perhaps an Aussie wore this hat during World War II to pet the kangaroos. In any event, a hat such as this would be a good distraction during that time: why think about bombs falling in Germany when you can wear something as pretty as this and flirt with the boys at the Duke of Wellington? It's certainly a way to get a free drink.
And what about mystery, you ask? Well, I think the delicate black netting says it all. Do you agree?


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