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Sunday, October 29, 2006

You Want
This Book

Even if you've never crossed two knitting needles or picked up a crochet hook in your life, you want this book. Really. It's got hundreds of patterns from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, all reprinted in this 1982 compilation, as they were originally published back in the day. Plus there's an index in the back for the contemporary substitutes of the yarns used in the instructions. How cool is that? I have the 1972 version of this book. A gal with a Vidal Sassoon hair cut, too much Mary Quant make up, a reproduction 1930s knitted top and a cigarette dangling from her mouth is on the front of my Stitch in Time. She looks drugged out, like she's been spending too much time in London pubs. I much, much prefer the above picture. This girl in her matching cap, pullover sweater and manicure looks squeaky-clean. Even her ball of yarn complements her outfit. She's even got her blush just right. She's smiling and gamely has two knitting pins (as they call them in this book) stuck in a ball of leftover yarn, which is naturally Firefox orange like her the rest of her ensemble. If I had to put words in her mouth, she'd say something like this: "See what I made? You can do it too and look as well-rested as I do."
There are umpteen more pictures inside this fantastic reference book to poke fun at and/or admire, click here for the eBay link for this out-of-print book. There's only one bidder thus far. Auction ends in eight hours, so hurry.


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