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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Isn't it ironic that both the words Thursday and thoughts begin with the same letter? That cannot be a coincidence, at least in my intellectual faculty. Actually, thought comes from the Old English thencan, according to my beloved Webster's. Thursday has its origins in Thor, Scandinavian god of thunder. So the words aren't exactly brother and sister. Good enough. But it cracks me up that the fifth day of the week, a time when so many of us are feeling fatigued after working hard bringing home the maple-cure smoke-backed bacon, has a dramatic, noisy connotation. Lightning! Thunder! Horizontal rain in your face! Bring it all on! In any event, Thursday may or may not feel quite that dramatic weather-wise, but it's definitely a time of anticipation. By that day of the week, I'm already thinking about what projects I want to work on that weekend. Do I finish the faux suede hat or the Simplicity 4124 top? Do both, and throw in a few minutes with the knitting needles? Or should I scratch all of the above and getting cracking with the crochet hook and the marker-bright orange Caron Wintunk yarn on a last-minute Halloween cocktail hat? (I have the materials, which I bought last weekend). I like to think about what I will make. For me it's a time-out to explore that back drawer in my cerebrum that doesn't get pulled often enough. How about you? What hobby-related reveries will you be indulging tomorrow?
(By the way, if you're wondering about the pattern above, click right about here.)


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