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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Whistles Welcome

I love polka dots. Really. The more random, the better. I like them balloon-like, floating on the horizon, just not an inky blue sky as you see here. This is my long-winded way of saying my blog is under construction. The look you see today? It's temporary, not unlike the porta-potties you see at a park during a big festival, or even the plethora of signs promoting this or that politician during the weeks leading up to next month's elections. In a matter of weeks, those boards will be gone, mulch in a garbage truck's maw. Likewise, in a week or two or three, you'll see my remodeled weblog. I like this kind of handiwork so much better than actually fixing up a home. No paint, dust or washing up in the local YMCA is necessary! What's more, you can still find things, unlike in real life where the TV is hidden under the drop cloth. You know what I really like about tinkering with web pages? It can be done remotely - can you imagine hanging wallpaper in your bedroom in say, Wyoming, whilst you're visiting a cousin in California? Not possible in real-time, but in the lovely Internet world anything goes.
I'll continue posting while I'm rejiggering this site. Ignore the occasional drop of a hammer and an accompanying attempt at profanity (I usually blurt "Curse of Darkness" and "Darn It All" when I'm in the throes of pain - nothing the kids can't handle). And if you see me with bits of plaster in my hair? I'm prepping my locks for Halloween.


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