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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hats On Or Off
Depending On How You Feel

These hats were spied in the window of Hats Plus near the Portage Park Theater, home of the Silent Film Society. This is where I saw the supremely funny "Sally of the Sawdust" starring W.C. Fields. Anyhow, back to Hats Plus...this is a small shop on a busy intersection. Easy to miss, since it's in the shadow of the behemmoth Sears building. But it's filled with all manner of chapeaux, especially for men. There were many more hats in the storefront window, these two were the best photos I snapped. I've written about Hats Plus in the past, while they don't have the prestige of Optimo Hats on Western Ave, there's a good supply of affordable toppers. Your guy has to be able to find something here he likes here even if it's an inexpensive Bagger Vance style cap. Heck, Hats Plus is on the way to the highway, near a gargantuan parking lot. You have no excuse. Here's the exact address: 4706 W. Irving Park Road.


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