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Monday, August 21, 2006

Sew What?
Survey Results #3

It's hard to believe we had really hot weather just two weeks ago. It was so hot...I could barely move. All the ceiling fans were to set spin hot air to the nether regions of my apartment. Everytime I got up from my chair, the cushion tried to follow, sticking to my butt. The sewing machine sat on my wood drop-leaf table looking very forlorn, the removable tray filled with bobbins sitting on the window ledge, waiting for some ACTION. I unfortunately couldn't bring myself to sit in front of my machine. Instead I worked on a crocheted cotton skirt from the Stitch N Bitch Happy Hooker.

Even though I ditched stitching on my machine, I was curious to see if other sewists felt the same way. I think y'all were too hot to even respond to my survey. I only had 22 respondents, a stark contrast to more than 100 people who filled out my now-closed hat survey. Anyhow, I asked how many of you sewed when the temperature is above 90 degrees fahrenheit.
Most of you (40.9 percent) continue to sew even if it's hotter than heck. "It's hotter than that a lot where I live," one sewer told me. Still another sewist says she/he sews six days a week. But I had to wonder about the respondent who told me "Everyday. I live in Brazil." Somehow I envision a sewist sitting in front of a sewing machine in a beachfront home, the window curtains dancing with the sea breeze She can see the thong-bikinied (is that a word?) women frolicking outside in the sand. With a wipe of the brow, she turns up the tango music playing on the radio. Then she sits down to lay in another row of stitching on her dress for tomorrow night's milonga....


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