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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Marilyn Dress

Hi. My name is Marilyn. I feel kind of funny on this mannequin. I don't usually get this kind of attention. But it's the Midwest Vintage Clothing, Textile, Jewelry Show and Sale. And I'm doing this for my owners, Lynnae Finseth and Karen Parks at Embraceable You. I really prefer to be on the coat rack with the rest of my dress friends who don't have names like I do.

Lynnae and Karen named me Marilyn as soon as they saw me at an estate sale stuffed in the back of a closet last year. Honestly, I don't like the name Marilyn. I rather have another name. Marilyn is kind of old-fashioned. Lynnae and Karen say I resemble the dress that actress Marilyn Monroe wore in "Some Like It Hot" hence the name. I've never seen that movie, so I don't know. My previous owner, Mary Jane, never gave me a name. She wore me to prom in 1954, then a couple of house-warming parties when she first got engaged to Norbert. But after those two got married, she never wore me again. She said she was too fat! Besides, then it was the 1960s, and I was out of style. So into the closet I went for many, many years.

As soon as this sale is over (and no one buys me!) it's back on the racks at Embraceable You I go. Back with my friends. I really like hanging next to "1930s broderie anglais dress, bust34, $150" and "1950s red taffeta wrap-dress, as is, $34." They keep me laughing all day long! Especially some of those customers that come in. We''ll never forget the 15-year-old girl who came in looking for a wedding dress to wear for Halloween. She wanted to dress up as a ghost bride. "You've got to be kidding!" Lynnae said, shooing this teenager outside and directing her to the nearest Salvation Army.


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